Just Another Day At The Beach

It’s not exactly beach weather, but hundreds of folks headed to Compo today.

Castles in the Sand — a fundraiser for Homes With Hope — drew a great crowd.  A team from Tauck World Discovery created a cruise ship, while a crew from the Westport YMCA constructed “the new building” at Mahackeno.  (“It took them 10 years to make that?!” one Y’s wise guy asked.)

Plenty of families and friends came up with their own designs too.

Nearby, the Westport Youth Commission-sponsored volleyball tournament was underway.  The group has worked hard this year to bring police and teenagers together; one result was two teams on which cops and kids played together.  They wore neon t-shirts, proclaiming “Police & Youth Connect.”

5 responses to “Just Another Day At The Beach

  1. That’s dirt. Bad for sand.

  2. It was a great day at Compo in support of Homes with Hope, and as for the Family Y’s effort to “Build What Matters,” the work and the wait was (and will be) well worth it, as this write-up in the Westport News suggests: http://www.westport-news.com/news/article/Hundreds-man-ramparts-as-castles-rise-on-Westport-1380281.php

  3. Stephen Rubin

    This year’s Castles were the best…..

  4. Jeff Wieser

    Thanks Dan! It was a great day at Castles. 44 castles were created by hundreds of participants with many hundreds more onlookers enjoying the creations. Some fabulous artwork in sand and some determined builders of literally all ages. We were especially happy that a lot of high schoolers were there for the Volleyball and the castles event. Thanks to all for being there and making some great castles!