Freecycle It!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But there are free bikes, shrubs, vacuum cleaners, crutches, curtains and drums.

All — and lots more — are offered, completely gratis, on Freecycle.

FreecycleWestportCT — to use its full name — is a Yahoo group.  It’s open to anyone in the area with a password, and a desire to recycle things rather than throw them away.

Beach chairs.  Lamp shades.  A box of “girly things.”  A cordless phone.  All were offered — or asked for — one recent day.

There are rules.  Freecycle Westport members are asked to post at least 1 offer for every 3 items requested.

And this is a site for things — no alcohol, tobacco, drugs (including vitamins or creams of any kind), firearms or weapons.

This is also not the spot for apartments, jobs or, um, “services.”   If that’s what you’re looking for, try Craigslist.

If, on the other hand, you want — or want desperately to get rid of — a ping pong table, clipless bike pedals, cello books or double stroller, Freecycle is for you.

Oh, yeah:  Pet offers are okay.  But pet requests are not.

Westport’s Freecycle group is one of thousands around the planet.  The 1st was in Tucson, in 2003.  Freecycle flourishes thanks to the rules outlined above.

Also, no money.  And no trading.  Freecycle is all about asking for something you need.  And giving away what you don’t.

Responses go straight to the person posting.  There is no middleman.

Safety is up to individual members.  The site suggests meeting in a public place, or leaving items on a front porch.

A Westport woman listed a wooden swing set and trampoline.  (No, she was not the one who just got nailed for having it too close to her neighbor’s property.)

She got over 30 responses.  The deal was done; the recipient quickly came, took it apart and carted it away.

If Freecycle sounds like your cup of tea, sign up.

Sign up too if you need a teapot.  Or have one to give away.

5 responses to “Freecycle It!

  1. Interesting article for Mother’s Day. Are persons allowed to be placed on freecycle??

  2. John McCarthy

    Wow, Yahoo Groups as a platform. Makes me think of CB radios and wondering if the good work this group could do is being limited.
    We gave away our swingset a few years ago on Craigslist. Posted it Saturday 8 AM, got at least 30 serious inquiries by noon and by 4 PM a neighbor, who had seen the listing, was in our backyard taking it down and re-assembling it less than half a mile away.

  3. Young Westporter

    I was denied access to Freecycle a year or so ago. I wanted to give away some working (but older) computers. I was never given any reason for their rejection.
    Very Strange.

  4. Luisa Francoeur

    I have used Freecycle on a number of occasions and been very happy with the whole process. There are two groups in our area but this is the “official” one.

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