Like, The Library

People use Facebook’s “like” button for many reasons.

They like status updates.  They like comments, photos, videos.  They like to like stuff.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 13), everyone should like the Westport Public Library.  It’s “Snapshot Day” — a statewide event — and libraries are taking “snapshots” of the impact they have on their communities on a typical day.

This is Westport’s way of showing the rest of Connecticut that you support our library.  Clicking the “like” button tells the world that the Westport Library is important to you.

And — by liking the library — you’ll get $2 off at the Library Cafe.

What’s not to like about that?

(To find the correct page to like, search for “Westport Public Library” on Facebook.)

2 responses to “Like, The Library

  1. Larry Perlstein

    I think it probably counts if you already Like the page to unlike it, and then Like it again. The Unlike link is along the left hand side of the page.

  2. Estelle Margolis

    Our Library? You can’t merely LIKE the Library. This is a Library that you fall madly in LOVE with!

    Estelle T. Margolis