Not Getting Older…

…just better.

The Federal-style Sherwood House across Church Lane from the Y is being prepared for its move 6 to 8 feet closer to the street.

It’s headed for new life as a restaurant — with outdoor dining and gas lights — and office space on the 2nd floor.

The Y is moving too, but it won’t get jacked up.  A whole new building is planned for Mahackeno.

Hard to believe — or maybe not — that something built in 1978 has aged a lot worse than one dating back to 1802.

3 responses to “Not Getting Older…

  1. The original portion of the Y was built in the 1920’s

  2. Well, the move is certainly a lot less dramatic than the one made many years ago by the Saugatuck Congregational Church. Didn’t that move make it into Life Magazine?

    • It did indeed, circa 1950. The church moved across and down the Post Road — it was located basically where the Sunoco station is now, near South Compo. Seems to fit perfectly on the present site!