A Solution To Westport’s Parking Problem

The car that towers over this one, across from the Y?

That’s a Honda Element.

29 responses to “A Solution To Westport’s Parking Problem

  1. What a waste of spice

  2. Gary Singer

    I’ve been looking at the SMART car. It’s looking better every day.

    • A good idea until you run into a 6000 pound Belchfire 8 driven by someone texting at a four-way stop in Westport. You and the Smart Car will not stand a chance.

  3. The Dude Abides

    No parking issue with a bike.

  4. Stephen Rubin

    Westport does not have a “parking problem” as long as one does not insist on parking immediately in front of your destination. We do have a walking problem!

    • So true. It’s incredible to see the effort people will make to avoid a minute long walk!

  5. Spot on Stephen.

  6. Westport downtown has so much potential. It’s people like mister smart car who stand in the way of real solutions. Of course you’ll need two smart cars and two drivers if you have more that two kids. My bet is two smart cars need as much parking room as an Escalade. They sure as well will take up two spaces. Another brainic!! Well done.

    • What potential? That refrain has been in the air for the last 35 years. Downtown Westport reflects the realities of the marketplace as well as the zoning regulations and other land use restrictions imposed on commercial and real estate enterprises that choose to locate there. Over the years grandiose plans for changing Downtown have reflected only the biases and economic self-interests of those who propose them and not any other reality.

  7. Just tell me why a family of 4 needs 2 humungous, gas guzzling, air polluting, THINGs. Please. They handle terribly, suffer from rolloveritis, are particularly unsafe and cost a fortune to maintain. But everyone seems to think it’s the only form of 4 wheel transportation “if you have kids” (or not).

    Ever notice the inverse ratio of size/cost of an SUV to its driver’ ability to park, most especially and certainly parallel park? With a phone in one hand and a a bottled water in the other? Does anyone remember something called a “station wagon”? They even had engines that more than allowed you to enter the Merritt at a safe and proper speed and you could park in one space.

    Why does every Soccer Mom need a TRUCK to transport her precious darlings? Isn’t a car enough?

    And @ WESTPORT (above) The way people park in Our Town any car needs 2 spaces because the drivers don’t know how to park and/or are in too much of a hurry or just too lazy and nobody is ever ticketed for taking 2 spaces. The same as they are rarely stopped for “DD” (Distracted Driving).

    I love my mini and am about to buy a new one.

  8. @Justfine, we own a mini as well. Love it, but can only fit two car seats.
    Should I put my third kid in the trunk? @Anonymus: I agree restrictions, regulations, and misdirected incentives have all but squashed any hopes to enable downtown to revatilize. These can and should be changed. Of course any effort like this will be fraught conflicts of interest. Doesn’t mean we should let the area rot. Other towns seem to have figured it out, why can’t Westport?

  9. The character of Downtown Westport is shaped by market forces as well as misguided regulations as land use restrictions. The land use restrictions and regulations are driven by special interests that are not likely to fade away any time soon; so it is what it is. Get used to it.

  10. @Anonymus. Already am used to it; doesn’t mean I can’t envision it being better. Better, by the way, could include special spots for electric cars and ultra compact cars so that @JustFine can stop griping about Soccer Moms.

    • Why not sell parking spots to the highest bidders? Why give away what you can sell?

  11. @Anonymus: Was that idea in you last grandiose plan for downtown?

    • Since the concept of convenient spaces for a few was mentioned, I thought that whoever the few were who were to be favored, they should pay for the favors.

  12. It’s no wonder nothing gets done around here.

    • Nonsense, plenty gets done. We spent millions for a dog run. We spent millions to reopen and renovate schools we once closed. We banned plastic bags. Lots get done, but not much is accomplished.

  13. Schools are something Westport has figured out. However, Plasstic bags and a dog run? Is that all you have? I hope you are kidding.

    • Well, you have the party line down on the schools. Just don’t look too hard.

    • The Dude Abides

      Westport has figured out how to promote their schools. The taxpayers and eager parents have swallowed up the advertisements, hook line and sinker. In truth, the schools produce middle class Tier II-III college students by and large. Nothing wrong with that but the gradiose pretentiousness of the promotion should be taken with a grain of salt and perhaps at 19,200$ a student, a second look?

  14. “Party line down, don’t look too hard”? I honestly don’t know what you are getting at. Please decode your post.

    • I think the Dude nailed it. Do you think taxpayers in New Canaan and Darien are told that their schools are somehow inferior to those in Westport? Westport schools are about average when compared to schools in similarly situated circumstances, claims to the contrary not withstanding. Moreover, no metrics are offered to support claims of superiority. It’s the emperor’s new clothes, or the Kool Aid effect. Take your choice.

  15. Young Westporter

    Did anyone else think it was the Honda driver who couldn’t properly park their freezer?

  16. Find me a school on this planet with a similar population that sends most of their students to tier 1 schools. If the Majority of graduates ate attending Tier 2 and 3 Schools, you’re doing pretty well. It takes a lot to move that needle. Plus New Caanan and Darien schools are excellent as well. Not sure someone would choose Westport over Darien or New Caanan because of school quality. That being said our downtown is not up to par with either of those towns.

    • The Dude Abides

      Public schools are sending students to Tier II-III schools all over this country without the expense of $19,200 a student. There is no excellent public education this country. Period. And with 17.8 % of GDP going to health care nationwide, money will not be available to improve it either.
      Are you serious about downtown Darien??? It is circa 1950. But you know what: Darienites have figured out that they really don’t want a downtown or beaches that attract New Yorkers to their town. Westport has a self-identity crisis. They welcome Corporate America into Main Street to attract customers and encourage tax revenue but then complain about traffic/parking/lack of Mom/Pop stores.

  17. If your requirement to be considered excellent is to send all students to tier 1 school then there are no excellent schools in the world. 19200 seems pretty expensive but I have nothing to compare that to. Westport does not have a self identity crisis, just very little thoughtful planning.
    Also lots of passive aggressive policies that stifle progress.