Mitchells, Stew Leonard’s Form “Strategic Partnership”

It’s not a merger, exactly.  But 2 of the area’s most famous — and successful — business families are entering into a “strategic partnership.”

The move — by Mitchells of Westport and Stew Leonard’s — may galvanize the local clothing and food scenes.

The agreement — “I guess ‘alliance’ is the best thing to call it,” Bill Mitchell says — is intended to cross-promote the 2 brands.  It will allow for innovative marketing techniques too, Mitchell explains.

It is not intended primarily to save money, though there may be some cost savings, Mitchell notes.

“We’ve known each other for years,” says Stew Leonard, Jr. — like Mitchell, the son of his company’s founder.

“We admire the way Mitchells has evolved and grown, while remaining true to its family and community roots,” Leonard adds.  “It became clear through casual conversations over the years that they feel the same way about us.”

Mitchell points to some of the possible cross-branding opportunities:  “We’ll have Stew’s bagels available every morning in our store, along with plenty of other treats from their bakery.

“Over there, although they already sell things like cashmere sweaters, we think we can provide a higher quality item.”

Certain details of the partnership remain to be worked out.  For example, whose shopping bags will be used?

Though plastic bags are illegal in Westport, Stew’s provides paper bags upon request.  Mitchells bags are fancier — but more expensive.

As for logos, Mitchell and Leonard batted around several taglines — “Silk with milk,” “Socks and lox”  and “A suit plus fruit” — but in the end opted for a simple redesign of the stores’ names.

In a nod to their shared “community spirit,” they’d like “06880” readers to weigh in.  The 2 new logo ideas are below; click here to register your vote — or comment on the exciting new partnership.

25 responses to “Mitchells, Stew Leonard’s Form “Strategic Partnership”

  1. Howard Udell

    You had me for a few lines. Nice job.


  2. You got me Dan. Sox with Lox would get me into Mitchells on Saturday morning!

  3. Kerstin Warner

    Well-played, Woog…

  4. Good one, Danny!

  5. Not after last year. Merging has been your theme.Weston/Westport school
    last year. Now Mitchells and Stew’s. Nice Try.

  6. If it weren’t for the comments, ya would still have me !

  7. Lisa Marie Alter

    Mr. Barnum — I mean, Mr. Woog — You had ME suckered…

    PS. Lemme guess: Miggs did the logos ? (April Fool ! 😉

    • Yes, Miggs did the logos (and came up with some of the clever lines in the story). He did not, however, want any credit. But since you asked…thanks, Miggs!

  8. John Karrel

    Meanwhile, for anyone on LinkedIn, check out the “People You May Know.”
    Happy 4.1.11

  9. Love it!

  10. Susan Schmidt

    Oh man. Hook, line & sinker.

  11. Hilarious combo!

  12. How about “Y moving to Baron’s South?” Nah, noone would believe that.

  13. You got me alright! I ate up every word of it, and was eager to vote for the design on the left haha.

    Well done.

  14. Got me too. Still like the one from 3/31/71 best!

  15. The Dude Abides

    Not sure it topped the Westport-Weston school consolidation of last year but very clever. Stew Mitchell’s. Has a ring about it. Don’t give Billy too many ideas. Milk is expensive as it is.

  16. Brills! Love it…I was just about to toss my blonde head to the side and say, “Buuuut, I don’t get it!”. Love ya, Dan!

  17. You had me until the cashmere sweaters!! Nice to get a laugh today. Thanks!!

  18. Michael McGovern

    I recall reading last year’s consolidation story and after a few lines thinking to myself “Hey, shouldn’t I know about this?” Fool me once, shame on you…..

  19. If you written that the proposed name for the new venture was Stitchell’s, you might have had me.

  20. Having read this on 4/2, I was just about to start my letter to the editor… Good one!

  21. Totally fell for it. Now tell me the Post Office move is a joke, too!

  22. Reminded me of this old merger joke: did you hear about a merger between Stop n Stop and A&P? It’s going to be called Stop n P.

  23. Jill Ross Beres


  24. Jill Ross Beres