Westport Schools Get A Facelift

Five years ago Microsoft discontinued Front Page, its website design tool.

That was bad news for the Westport School district.  As support services eroded, the IT department hobbled along.  “It was a time bomb ready to explode,” says Jennifer Robson, administrative assistant to the superintendent.

Through the public bid process, the district sought a new web developer.  Project Evolution won the contract.  “They wanted entree into school systems, so we got a great price,” Robson says.

Over the years, the Westport schools’ website had grown clunky and text-heavy.  “It assaulted you,” Robson says.  It sure did — when it wasn’t boring you to death, as the screenshot below shows:

The new site — unveiled yesterday — is much friendlier.  The photos are large and strong; it’s intuitive and warmer.  And it’s much more interactive.

Roll over any date on the large calendar; you’ll see everything going on in the schools that day.

Drop-down and slide-out menus provide links to areas like curriculum, technology, athletics, libraries, music, food services, transportation, facilities and jobs.

As the district has drastically reduced the amount of mailings mailed and flyers sent home, the website becomes a vital information source.  Documents like the Parent Handbook are now posted online.

“It really is a modern website,” Robson says.

In addition to redesigning the site, Project Evolution updated the district’s logo.

“We wanted it to express the essence of Westport,” Robson explains.  “We’re a modern place, but rooted in history.”

It took a while.  The designer’s original proposal was “an NFL-type logo,” Robson says.  Board of Ed staff encouraged them to incorporate “water, sky, history.”

The result is both modern and historic indeed — and rendered in the Staples High School colors:

The new logo was introduced quietly this winter.  It’s been in use since then.

Click here for a link to the new website.  Then take it for a test drive — and bookmark it, to return often.

10 responses to “Westport Schools Get A Facelift

  1. Just curious, where is the picture of Staples?? Aren’t there 8 schools in Westport???? Otherwise nicely done!

  2. All I can say is it’s about time. New site is awesome. However, I must say I never understood why the district didn’t give the challenge to the SHS students in the web design classes. Might have saved the district a few $’s. Good plug for Project Evolution though.

    BTW – picture #1 is Staples.

  3. Morgan Patrick

    This is fantastic!!!!! Thanks to Ms. Robson and everyone else at Town-School Offices!!!

  4. Glad it got fixed! Staples wasn’t there this morning!

  5. It’s an attracive home page; I hope it will be easy to use, too.

    One thing missing is where Westport is located. After all, there are several Westports in the USA. Adding “CT” to the brand logo would help. (There’s enough space to do it.)

  6. It would be great if this beautiful type of design could be transferred over to the Staples main page!

  7. Great website. But about the logo…
    I know they were going for waves on water but, to me, it just makes the circle look like a broken wheel.

  8. Luisa Francoeur

    I had to look carefully to find the “waves”. The birds do the job but the waves provide room for improvement. “Curious” above makes a good point about adding CT to the logo.
    Otherwise, it looks crisp and inviting. The calendar is great!

  9. Bravo!