Ring Around The Beach, Part 2

Last week, “06880” reported on Betsy Phillips’ lost engagement ring in the Compo Beach area.

The bad news is:  It’s still lost.

The good news:  Many Westporters have rallied round to help.

Using the “Comments”  page, a reader told Betsy there was a “found ring” sign on Maple Avenue, near Blockbuster.

It wasn’t hers.

Someone else told Betsy about a similar notice near the Mobil station on Riverside.  She hasn’t located that sign yet.  “Maybe was taken down–or rain…” she says.

But, Betsy adds, “I’m still hopeful.  People are basically great around here.”

Referring to the recent focus on Westport photographers captured in Libya, and the triple disasters in Japan, she notes:  “This has kind of been a giant lesson for me on what’s important.”

But engagement rings are important too.  She’s still searching.

And so are “06880” readers.

Westporters keep looking for Betsy Phillips' lost ring.

5 responses to “Ring Around The Beach, Part 2

  1. While you are looking, if you find a gold, sapphire ring at Compo Beach, can you let me know? I lost one there in the summer of 1984.

  2. The Dude Abides

    I lost a 18K men’s wedding band two weeks after my wedding on January 19th, 1974 (the Ice Storm day). You can keep it if found.

  3. It is most likely that most amateur treasure-hunters are not reporting found valuables. They are into for $$$$.

  4. I saw a sign for a lost wedding ring last night in the gas station near Rizzuto’s and across from the new Dunkin Donuts. I think that is the Riverside one you are talking about, but I saw the sign last night! Hope you find it, I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  5. Hey– thanks! no– i couldn’t find that one– but will go run over now and see… i really appreciate it/ betsy
    ps– if someone does find it–I’d gladly pay a reward