Searching For Drunk Drivers

For nearly a decade, Staples’ Teen Awareness Group (TAG) has worked hard and creatively to make friends and classmates aware of the horrors of drunk driving.

TAG works tirelessly to stop drunk driving.

Each May — right before proms and graduation — powerful presentations drive home the message:  PLEASE don’t drink and drive.  Alcohol kills.

Sometimes, speakers tell wrenchingly personal tales.  In 2003, a woman described the death of her only daughter in a drunk-driving accident.

Sometimes, the medium is film.  In 2006 TAG produced a documentary in which Staples students, teachers and Westport community members shared stories of how their lives have been impacted by driving and drinking.

TAG is gearing up for another video.  They’re inviting anyone in town who has been affected by drunk driving — in any way — to join them in their crusade to make a difference.

If you want to share your story, contact TAG’s adult advisors:  Chris Lemone, 203-341-1285, or Elaine Daignault, 203-341-1165,

TAG:  You’re it.

One response to “Searching For Drunk Drivers

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