One Year Ago Today

What a difference a year makes!



Where were you a year ago this weekend?  How have you fared since the storm?  Click “Comments,” and let us know!

6 responses to “One Year Ago Today

  1. The wood from trees is in my yard because we didn’t discover the damage to a huge locust tree until late fall.then had to take more trees to get to wood anyone?

  2. We were on our way to home depot in Orange to buy a generator as the basement filled with water!

  3. We had an oak tree in our attic. The Westport Fire Department and town building inspector responded immediately. We thanked them then, but I’d like to thank them again. THANK YOU! It could have been worse, as no one was hurt and the house was not damaged beyond repair.

  4. We had my youngest daughter’s 8th birthday party the day after the storm and all the guests but one (she had a tree on her house!) were able to make it to her party at the Downtown Cabaret Theater. Some even had to carry their daughters through debris-ridden backyards to reach streets that weren’t blocked to meet carpools that had been arranged. Just goes to show that Westporters are loathe to miss a party even in the worst of circumstances!

  5. Linda Hudson

    That night we were on our way to the Unitarian Church to celebrate 25 years of Frank Hall’s ministry. Amazingly, about 100 people showed up that night, driving around the downed trees and wires, often with long detours. And the church maintained power for the whole evening, despite outages all around us.

  6. I was sitting on the Merritt for 3 or so hours reading a good book until the trees were cleared. I then spent the next 6 days without power.