Save The Children Mobilizes To Help Japan

In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Eiichi Sadamatsu checked in with Westport-based Save the Children from central Tokyo.  Eiichi says:

This is a major natural disaster that has caused large scale damage along Japan’s east coast.  We are extremely concerned for the welfare of children and their families who have been affected by the disaster.  We stand ready to meet the needs of children who are always the most vulnerable in a disaster.

On its website, Save the Children said it is “mobilizing its global resources to respond to the needs of children and families affected by the earthquake and its aftermath, and an international emergency team has been dispatched to assist staff in Japan.”

The agency has operated in Japan for 25 years. In 2004, it was a major responder to the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 225,000 people.

To donate to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, click here.

“06880” readers  concerned with the whereabouts of anyone in the midst of this disaster should click on Google’s searchable Person Finder database.

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