Don’t Go There

For several weeks, many Westport signs were buried in snowdrifts.  But alert “06880” reader Scott Smith spotted this one (and its counterpart, stenciled on the road):

It’s one of the most ignored signs in all of Westport — and that’s saying something.

But it’s ignored for a good reason.  As Scott notes, why close down an important part of the Jesup Green/library parking lot just so a few buses a day can have clear sailing?

What’s your favorite weirdly placed, totally irrelevant or never heeded sign in Westport?  Click “Comments” — we’re sure there are dozens of worthy contenders.

17 responses to “Don’t Go There

  1. I am very fond of the “Minny Bus Stop” near Coleytown Elementary School, at the intersection of North Avenue and Easton Road. It brings back fond memories of my middle school years and the wonderful freedom we kids had to get ourselves around town without our parents as chauffeurs. It also reminds me of my friend, the inspirational Paul Green; the genius behind it. How I wish we had the MinnyBus today!

  2. The word bus can be interpreted liberally at the Library to mean whatever a driver wants. Language is a fluid thing 😉

  3. “No right on red” at the NE corner of thePost Road and Myrtle Ave. The sign is there for a couple of reasons. One, there is an arrow from the opposite direction and two, if there is no break from eastbound traffic, it is practically impossible to turn onto Myrtle from Sconset Square or Violette Lane. Maybe it is ignored because it is not visible when a car pulls all the way up to the corner. If drivers stopped at the white line (as the law requires) the sign would be seen. My suggestion is for the DOT to hang the “No right on red” from the traffic signal, then there would be no excuse.

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    If the “Buses Only” sign was the only thing ignored in the Jesup lot, we’d have a small problem. The bigger — and more dangerous — problem is that drivers routinely ignore both the one-way stenciled arrows and the “Do Note Enter” sign and go the wrong way in the Jesup lot. And when told, they give the finger sign to you!

  5. My gripe is with the no left turn sign in front of the entrance to Kings Highway School, as you head toward Norwalk. It’s at the only entrance to the front parking lot, and it’s routinely ignored by anyone with common sense, including the buses and even the police when they come to school to teach the D.A.R.E. program. Sadly, an overzealous cop once ticketed a school employee for making that turn (instead of driving past, pulling into the nearest driveway or parking lot, and turning around) — to the tune of $120!

    • Other universally ignored “no left turn” signs are the main lot at Saugatuck Elementary School (I can just imagine what would happen if everyone pulled into the circular drive to turn instead — what’s the difference?), and Super Stop & Shop.

  6. The Dude Abides

    “No Idling” in the parking lot of Bedford Middle. I finally figured it out the other day: they want you to turn your car off while you wait to pick up your child. Instead, of course, of them taking the bus. Very “green” of them. 200 SUV’s sitting there and the buses half empty.

  7. Michael Taylor

    Although it’s not in Westport, the best sign EVER was a on the Whitestone Bridge on the way to Shea Stadium in the ’60s (is it still there?): In Case of Air Raid Drive Off Bridge.

    • When I was a kid I always thought that sign read DIVE off bridge. I ran though my mind a million times the act of opening the car door, while in motion, and diving into the water.

    • Precious.

  8. Ann Marie Flynn

    So far Michael Taylor has my vote of best sign……..his could definitely make a ‘splash’……Wonder which of our bridges could wear that sign well?

  9. Most never heeded sign in Westport? ANY traffic light turning yellow or the first 5-10 seconds of a light being red. It’s truely town wide, but two prime examples would be intersections at Post Rd/Riverside Ave and Post Rd/ Imperial Ave. Proceed at your own risk!

    • Also: the Post Road light by CVS/Trader Joe’s, and Post Road/Roseville/Hillspoint. This has been a topic of discussion often on “06880,” and will be for the rest of the decade I’m sure.

  10. My all-time favorite sign stands ( or stood ) in the Rockies, in the valley just before Loveland Pass. It reads:
    “When This Sign is Underwater,
    Road is Impassable.”

  11. Max Stampa-Brown

    There’s a couple of these odd signs on the border of Norwalk and Westport, near “Gibbs College” or “Norton Industries”. It’s a little off-putting, and I’ve seen them in other places too. The sign reads “GO SLOW This means you kids against people speeding”, I never understood how or why you would fit that large of a message on a road sign–bit of a distraction.

  12. Isn’t there a sign on Beachside Avenue that’s about five feet off the ground that says in effect that if this sign is underwater, you’d better evacuate?

  13. Signs we will NOT see in Westport:

    •No mobile phones while driving
    •Clothing Optional Beach this way
    •Caution: Child with ADD in Area
    •SUV Parking in Rear
    •Pure-bred Dogs Only