Bobby Q’s Is Not Ribbing You

Back in the day, Westport was a marketing mecca.  Back in the day too, people actually went downtown.

Both are back. 

A website called Enable Table is looking for 25 people with Androids.  (Presumably, they like ribs too.)

If you agree to download a new mobile phone restaurant coupon app, and go to Bobby Q’s twice — within 10 days from download for your 1st meal, and 21 days for your 2nd — and agree further to provide feedback about the coupon and the app, you’ll get $80 to spend on food and drink for both meals.

The offer is limited to the 1st 25 people who apply (and qualify).  Click here for the link.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

One response to “Bobby Q’s Is Not Ribbing You

  1. Great article, yeah Dan!!!