Snow Going?

Alert “06880” reader Larry Perlstein watched several people attempt to slip and slide through this still-unshoveled section of Parker Harding late this afternoon, 3 days after the storm.

According to Westport law, the owner “or person in possession and control of any property adjoining any business use sidewalk shall provide for the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours after formation of snow or ice.”

The fine for a violation is $99.

Clearly, this owner or possessor/controller — and it’s Lulumon Athletica, not Ann Taylor — has not provided for said removal.  The snow formed nearly 96 hours ago.

Hey, that $99 could help pay for snow removal for the next storm.

Which is expected on Tuesday.

12 responses to “Snow Going?

  1. Anyone want to call them and ask them to clear their walk? They are open until 6 pm today and from 12 to 5 Sunday. Number is 227-1378.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Just as a not surprised moment here… They are also an offender of the door open on the hottest day of year blast my AC crowd…

  2. You’re telling me that these stores don’t get together and hire a single service to shovel the sidewalk for all of them? Strange…

  3. Lazy.

  4. Have you tried to walk the sidewalk from Post Road to Saugatuck Elementary? Can’t do it, excepting Assumption and its rectory.

  5. The public should boycott any store that does not shovel its sidewalk. Clearly, they do not care about the safety of their customers (or potential customers). Perhaps a ‘BOYCOTT THIS STORE UNTIL THE SIDEWALK IS SHOVELED’ sign taped to the store window will encourage shoppers to keep walking (sliding).

    • The Dude Abides

      Unfortunately, it will probably take a good slip&fall negligent suit to correct the problem or perhaps, the town could ticket them. I do believe they would just take down the sign.

  6. Midterms?

  7. Young Westporter

    Suck it up people… wear some good LL Bean boots and move on.
    Are we not New Englanders?

  8. Of course the other option would be for a decent person or another store owner whose customer might have to walk on that part of the sidewalk to do the right thing for the community and shovel it. I am surprised people don’t just do that. Really not much snow to clear.

  9. Of course, no adjacent store has extended a courtesy to their customers by being a kind neighbor and shovel the snow in question. After all, their customers need to cross over this snow. Downtown Merchant’s Association should have been on this.