One Last Task

Happy December 31!

As we bid adieu to 2010, many Westporters say:  “Good riddance.”

This has not been the most bang-up year — not financial, political, even meteorological.

We eagerly welcome 2011.  But before heading out to celebrate — either at non-alcoholic First Night or a very alcoholic party elsewhere — we’ve got a chance to make one last civic contribution (and take a final tax deduction to boot).

At the same time, we can honor the memory of 2 Westporters whose deaths in recent days have shaken this town.

Sharon Broecking — the woman killed by a car crossing the Post Road near Stop & Shop — was “an innocent, loving soul” known for her love of animals (and daily dog-walking).

Sharon’s sister said that despite limited financial resources, “she would take her last $5 and donate it to the Humane Society.”

Want to do the same?  Click here.

Another worthy organization — and a no-kill shelter — is Westport Animal Control.  To donate to this town-owned division of the Police Department, click here.

A few days after Sharon’s tragedy, Cindy D’Aiuto froze to death not far from her Canal Park apartment.  She wasn’t homeless — but other Westporters are.

All year long — especially when brutal weather strikes — Homes With Hopes’ Gillespie Center, Hoskins’ Place and Bacharach Community offer safe havens to men, women and children in need.

In 2011, this great group plans to expand the important work they’ve done for 26 years.  They too need our help — click here.

These are not the only organizations worthy of our year-end, tax-deductible dollars, of course.  Our town is filled with countless others — just hit the “comment” button to add yours.

But as we say goodbye to this tough year — and mourn the loss of 2 low-key, well-liked women — “06880” takes this opportunity to answer the question Westporters have asked many times in the wake of their deaths:  “How can I help?”

5 responses to “One Last Task

  1. The Dude Abides

    Thank you for the reality check. For some of us, 2010 was a good year with a rising stock market, a bicameral balance in Congress and the popularity of our President seemingly increasing. Plus the Giants won the World Series. So there is always hope. We can only pray that the tragedies of the deaths of Ms.Broecking and Ms. D’Aiuto will remind us that no where is perfect, no place immune from the issues that confront our country and no where is not somewhere else, it is here. My reality check becomes a personal check.

  2. The Dude Abides

    And let 2011 be the year that we bring the troops home, at least for awhile.

  3. Eric Buchroeder

    Let’s resolve to make sure that the next time our troops are sent it is for good reason, in pursuit of clear objectives and only when all other alternatives to resolution have failed.