The White Stripes

The White Stripes are is an American rock duo.

White stripes is are also something Westporters expect to see soon, on newly paved roads — but may not.

Alert “06880” reader Joyce Gemperlein was reading the Orange County Register online — hey, why not? — and saw a story out of San Juan Capistrano that may be hard to swallow.  But it has important implications.

Turns out there’s a nationwide shortage of street paint.

Who knew?

The culprit is a lack of 2 key ingredients. 

One is methyl methacrylate, which as everyone knows is an acrylic base that binds paint together.

The other is titanium dioxide, the recently classified “possible carcinogen” that puts the “white” in white stripes.

The reasons for the shortage:  decreased production of the ingredients due to a slowdown in the construction market, and an export moratorium by the Chinese government on titanium dioxide.

Until the street painting materials arrive, “06880” has a few simple words of advice to Westport drivers:   Slow down.  Be courteous.  Drive safely.

Yeah, right.

Without street paint, drivers may not know where to drive -- or pedestrians where to cross.

21 responses to “The White Stripes

  1. Dan, where did that photo come from? Looking at the flared pants, white shoes, long hippy hair and the cars, I’m guessing it was from the 50s.

  2. You are kidding, right?!

  3. Google “Abbey Road”, then go to iTunes and download some culture.

  4. Joyce didn’t need to read a story from the Orange County Register to get that information. It was in the New York Times just a little over a month ago.

    Gosh, I hope Gary Singer is joking!

    My husband made me take a photo of him crossing that very same road when we were on our honeymoon 20 years ago. The road is very congested and there was barely a break in the traffic. We hurried out, with my husband taking his stance. When we made it back to the safety of the sidewalk, he remarked, “Did you get the photo with my left leg out in front? I want my left leg to be leading the stride.” Yes, I said 20 years.

  5. The Dude Abides

    Moratorium on exports? Nice. And Secretary Clinton wants to “even the playing field?” Good luck dealing witht the Chinese. I think the Japanese and the South Koreans have learned that recently. I would think someone here in America could develop a non-toxic compound to pave our own roads. Perhaps might even create a few jobs in doing so.

  6. What am I missing? I thought the lines in the road were yellow.

  7. Y,mean it’s NOT Main Street. Didn’t look like the Abbey Road I know.

  8. A shortage of white-line paint is not necessarily a bad thing. About 35 or 40 years ago, somebody in the Westport Public Works Dept. got a little over-ambitious and white-lined a lot of Westport’s smaller roads–even our little cul de sac. Looked pretty stupid, given the average traffic (or lack thereof) on our road. And it looked even stupider because whoever drew the lines had great difficulting drawing them straight! It took years for the results of that fiasco to fade from the neighborhood blacktop.

  9. Speaking of white lines and music –
    Joni Mitchell sung about them in her song ‘Coyote’ (good song).
    And not to be confused with the white lines sung about by Grandmaster Flash; which he advised not to do.

    • Thank you for brining up Grandmaster Flash … I almost took out my cardboard from my trunk and started breakdancing 😀

      • That I would like to see!
        …and I always thought of you more of a DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince kinda girl. 😉

        But I know the Dude is a Snoop Dog and Cypress Hill fan.

  10. “…saw a story out of San Juan Capistrano that may be hard to swallow.” Very good, Dan. Very good.

  11. Karl, you beat me to the punch. I was about to say something quite similar. All of the journalistic references to Beatles’ lyrics attending the iTunes announcement Tuesday have nothing on the Woogster. And Dan’s use of the photo ties in perfectly with the (deserved) mania surrounding that Apple coup.

  12. There has to be some way to fix at least one of the shortages. .. maybe a new paint color? White is best but how about green or what about yellow. Maybe even a new design like an elongated person walking (we have painted bikers in the bike lanes right?)

    • Westport Expat

      I saw something like that recently – a person walking painted in the road on the approach to a crosswalk – and it looked strangely like one of those chalk outlines police put down around a corpse. After seeing a few of them, you probably get used to it.

  13. Linda Gramatky Smith

    The painted lines on Roseville (one of the first paved roads that was finished) ARE orange-y yellow. Or at least the center lines are (meaning no passing because they are double lines), and it’s just the bicycle paths that are white.

  14. Linda Gramatky Smith

    oops, one of the first paved roads that WERE finished. :-{

    • You was correct 🙂 … “ONE… WAS FINISHED”
      “of the first paved roads” is a “sidebar” of “one,” the singular subject of “was.”

  15. I also appreciated the swallow reference ! Good one, Dan!