Stew Leonard: Marketing Whiz?

C’mon, Stew’s.  Do you really need to advertise your Movie Night and pumpkins that badly?

10 responses to “Stew Leonard: Marketing Whiz?

  1. Dan, if you want people to be able to “like” this post on Facebook, you should totally put in the HTML for it. You can find it here:

    For instance, I enjoyed reading this short article, but I don’t want to comment “I like this”. Instead, I could just click “Like”! Just a tip!

  2. Great Tip…

  3. Some of us do our most focused thinking here. Saving $1.98 does not compute.

  4. Having known Stew , a friend and high school class mate, for over 65 years,
    and knowing he’s one of the Country’s marketing geniuses, I’m betting anything he does increases business.

  5. I love how the sign above the urinal on the right isn’t adjusted accordingly. I would much rather be looking at live video of the guys making sushi or watching lemonade apple sampling with audio.

  6. The Dude Abides

    I am not sure why they have the pumpkin deal over the kid’s urinal or perhaps it is for someone, such as myself, that is distinctly hung.

  7. DUDE !! 🙂

  8. Terry Brannigan

    that explains the puddle

  9. Stew Leonard, Jr

    Hi Dan, How do we get Dad’s attention? We’re trying all different forms of media. We noticed that Dads (and Moms) are on their blackberries and Iphones, yes, even in Stew Leonard’s bathrooms! And, they are walking right out of the store without buying their traditional newspaper. We are just trying something new and guess what? Our hayrides are setting new attendance records!