Champagne Gets Pickled

Tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine is all about food — how we grow it, cook it, eat it, think about it and write about it.

Of course there’s a Westport connection — but no, it’s not the Green Village Initiative and our local efforts at community agriculture.

This connection lies 3,000 miles away.

Todd Champagne graduated from Staples in 1994.  He captained the state champion soccer team, then went on to Middlebury College.  He worked on a farm on a Norwegian island.

Now he’s perhaps the world’s best organic pickle farmer.

From their base in Northern California, Todd and his wife Jordan run Happy Girl Kitchen.  They sell tomatoes, beets, carrots, jams and juices — but their signature product is pickles.

The Times has taken note.  There, on page 70 of the magazine — as proud as pickled punch — are Todd and Jordan.


Jordan and Todd Champagne (center), in the New York Times Magazine. (Photo by Lucas Foglia/New York Times)


“The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) movement has never tasted (or looked) better,” the caption says.

“As these participants in the Eat Real Festival in Oakland, Calif., can attest, all you need is a Mason jar, your friends and a very sharp knife.”

We’ll drink a (Todd) Champagne toast to that!

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