At The Car Wash

Nearly every sports team and youth organization in Westport holds car washes.

Yesterday was the Staples boys soccer team’s turn.  Over 60 players from the varsity, JV and freshman teams spent 6 hours working.  The money goes to everything from the season-ending banquet, to scholarships and charities honoring players and parents who have died.

Saugatuck Congregational Church offered their parking lot; State Cleaners dried all the towels gratis.  It’s a nice slice of small-town Westport.

To attract customers, a few players stood on the sidewalk, holding signs.  To attract even more attention, several boys future marketing whizzes took off their shirts, wrapped their signs around their shorts, and pointed to the church driveway.  It looked pretty funny:

A couple of Westporters were not amused.  In fact, they called the cops.  One woman said her child “should not be subjected” to such a sight.

The police were apologetic.

But they took my name, address and phone number (as the Staples soccer coach) anyway.

You want another car wash story?

In the early afternoon, a guy drove up in a nice car.  His kids were in the back.

How long would the car wash go on? he asked.  Until 4, we said.

Good, he replied.  He had only a $100 bill, so he’d be back.

Well, we have change, we said.  Umm, I have to go to the ATM, he responded.  And on he drove.

But a few minutes later we looked around.  There he was, getting his car washed.

So, if you’re that guy — you know, you said you were from Fairfield, but your car has New York plates starting with F, and ending with 4753 — just click on the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page.  I’ll let you know how you can settle up with our kids.

37 responses to “At The Car Wash

  1. I am not surprised by any of this. I am surprised that the environmental busybodies did not organize a protest. You were using water to wash cars and that water could be better used in the Sudan where people need it. Why weren’t the OSHA Gestapo on hand to cite you for safety violations? Where were the child labor law guardians? My goodness don’t you know that innocent people are sometimes hurt playing soccer, and our tax dollars (somehow, someway) pay for the treatment of their injuries? Did you have the proper liability insurance? As I have posted before, the MSM’s hold sway in this town. BTW if you need bail, I’ll be glad to help. As to the NY creep, what did you expect?

  2. You’re serious? Someone called the cops? Unbelievable.

  3. Dead serious. You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. Hey–to the guys–super job/ wish i had seen that!–I would have had to have dropped in….clean car or not!! : )

  5. I don’t understand the NY-guy thing…

  6. I saw two guys advertising the car wash around 10 am (my car had just been washed a few days before, sorry) and thought, “What enterprising young men!” It was a real eyecatcher, and yes, they are future marketing whizzes.

  7. “should not be subjected to such a sight”?

    I guess she won’t be bringing her child to swim meets any time soon.

  8. Whats the deal with the NY plates man? did he not pay?

  9. I always love to support the kids car washes in town, however I was not amused that they took the bumper stickers off the back of my car.

    • Maybe they thought they would save you from any future embarrassment -

    • Maybe they thought they would save you from any future embarrassment –

  10. The Dude Abides

    Wow, certainly restores your faith in human nature, huh? I am not sure it is confined to this area as I helped out with my daughter’s drill team car washes in the Houston area. Very similar stories with some serious gawkers, cheapskates and the police called when the young gals got their t-shirts all wet and of course, paraded down Westheimer Avenue having a lot of fun. We evenutally turned to a golf tourney which was way more productive in revenue via hole sponsors and always prepaid for players.

    • Hmmm, like that car-washing scene from “Cool Hand Luke”?

      • The Dude Abides

        Hey, that is my daughter you are talking about!!! :}] Now that I think about it though, they were mostly male customers.

  11. Westport’s parody of “The Full Monty”?

  12. I bet it was the same woman who wrote a letter to the paper about the naked dogs playing on the beach. “Her child “should not be subjected” to such a sight.”

  13. Hard to believe people have nothing better to do than waste police time calling about a car wash. I have to say that I drove past with my two young children and I personally was more than happy to have them see a team working together to find enterprising ways of raising funds. The fact that they appeared to be having so much fun doing so only added to our enjoyment of the spectacle, my husband and I were laughing so hard at the boys hamming it up that we nearly cried. We could not stop as we had an appointment to get to but we would like to make little donation for bringing a smile to our faces, please let me know how we can get that donation to the soccer team.

  14. Hush McCormick

    Sad. Fun too. How much money?

  15. A bunch of 1/2 naked teenagers is completely inappropriate! Looking at the picture we all could be guilty of something that could be considered child pornography. There has got to be a better way to gain attention and to make money. What is the message that we are sending our children?

    • Ever been to a swim meet? How about to Compo beach on a summer weekend? There are far to many would be tyrants in this town.

  16. @JeffXS – Dude, you appear angrier than any angry mom I know. Your dot connection from complaints about indecency to environmentalism to workplace safety to global hunger to everything you appear to connect to some stereotypical liberal…is embarrassing. Stay focused on the topic at hand. I teach some of these kids and so find it amusing; nevertheless, I could see how this could be perceived as indecent or inappropriate. That across the country we solve disputes by calling the police or a lawyer is ridiculous. A concerned citizen would have been wise to share their concerns with the adults on site. But their choice to call the police has nothing to do with their politics.

    • And the basis for your conclusion would be? I thought so. You say you teach; mural painting maybe? Where have I called or named anyone a liberal? Be specific teach. I know the difference between a liberal and a leftist; evidently you do not. LOL

    • The Dude Abides

      Maybe we are angry because not much has changed in our lifetimes and we continue to repeat the same mistakes. But I don’t think an open forum and tangential discussions are “embarrassing” or hardly “stereotypical liberal.” Actually this forum produces more of a conservative flavor in my mind with very little political agendas. That being said, you, like most teachers I have encountered, want to control the ebb and flow of any interaction and “focus on topic.” That is how you all like it in your classroom. I won’t go into the failures of public education but the beauty of this blog allows for a free fall of all sorts of ideas. No inhibitions, no restraint, no rules. I can only wish the same for your classroom.

  17. Hey Dan: Give ME the guys plate … I’ll take care of him! (lol)