Another One Bites The Dust

Jasmine is closing.

October 1 is the restaurant’s last day of business.  A note directs Chinese food and sushi customers to the new takeout location a short distance away:  67  Saugatuck Avenue.

“06880” reader Chip Stephens put it best:  “Bring back the Arrow.”

8 responses to “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. I heard they opened the take out place because they were going to renovate the resturant- Not a Chinese food fan- bring back the Arrow!

  2. Charlie Haberstroh

    I thought it was closing for renovations.

  3. The original plan was to close for renovations, as I heard it.

  4. A rather large space for a restaurant – and far from the center or any foot traffic – highway truckstop for Chinese food – strange. The Arrow was more of a draw – better food definitely (to my taste, anyway). Is there anyone/thing waiting in the wings? How about a movie theater???

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh, the Arrow. What a pleasant memory. Best eggplant parm in the County, to this day. And it was always filled to the max, and there was usually a waiting line to boot. And it was such a bargain. Yes, bring back the Arrow.

  6. Ok…I vote for the Arrow to return but do not think it will happen. For Chinese THE TIGER BOWL, that was started by Mr. Lee, is still very good. Post Road in the Old Walgreen’s shopping center, just before the Fairfield line. Eat in/take out.

  7. You will have to ask the Nistico family to reinstate the Arrow.