Loving Life

Every story about Cameron Bruce — the Staples graduate who died in an accident at college last Monday — mentioned his zest for living, and the joy he took from (among many other things) swimming.

The Staples swimming, diving and water polo website has posted a few dozen photos of Cameron — in the water, playing music, graduating, with family and friends, enjoying the world.

Click here to view them.  And then hug your kids extra tight.

2 responses to “Loving Life

  1. So sad and so hard to understand. This should not have happened.
    My thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

  2. The Dude Abides

    I search for a reason “why” to all this? Is that irrational? Is there no rational reason for this young man’s death? It seems incomprehensible to me that such a fine young man goes off to college and doesn’t make it to his first class. Something is very wrong here and amidst all the tributes, I am angry. I want to know what happened so it may be avoided for the next Staples graduate and young Cameron’s death was not merely senseless.