Well, I’ll Be Witched

Everyone knows — or should — that in their last TV season, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo moved to Westport.  The “I Love Lucy” episode in which the hapless redhead accidentally destroyed a Minuteman-like statue is part of town lore.

Samantha "Sam" Stephens

But who knew that Samantha “Sam” Stephens — the blonde witch from the popular “Bewitched” show — was also a Westporter?

Alert “06880” reader John Suggs spotted this character bio on TVAcres.com:

Samantha is a homemaker.  She is blond, beautiful, and a witch.  Born on June 6th on the eve of the Galactic Rejuvenation and Dinner Dance, Samantha’s fate was to fall in love with a mortal human named Darrin Stephens who works as an advertising executive for McMann and Tate ad agency in Manhattan.

Above the entry was her TV address:  1164 Morning Glory Circle, Westport, CT.  The name sounds like a Westport road — even though it’s not — but the street number doesn’t.  The Post Road is the only place we go above the hundreds.

The website listed her “phone numbers”:  555-7328 (or 2134, 2368, 6161).  Except for the “555” — the one used in every TV show and movie, so folks don’t start calling actual numbers — it sounds legit.  Back in the 1960s and early ’70s, it was a special Westport status symbol to have more than 1 phone line.

And, of course, back in the day every man in Westport worked for an ad agency.

The Ricardos and Sam are not the only Westport TV characters, of course.  Rod Serling sometimes worked his hometown into “Twilight Zone” scripts.

We’re on the lookout for more local television connections.  “Bonanza” is probably out, but if “Bewitched” could be set here, everything else seems game.

15 responses to “Well, I’ll Be Witched

  1. katherine hooper

    Bradley Whitford’s character, Josh Lyman from The West Wing (one of my fav shows) is from Westport, CT. Why when I hear that a fictional character lives in Westport to I get a little excited?
    (and then usually put the news on my facebook 🙂

  2. Not TV, but the song “157 Riverside Avenue” by REO Speedwagon is explicitly about renting a house across from the school back in the mid-70s. The lyrics are a bit weak, but it’s a fun song.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    The 2004 film “The Girl Next Door” is loosely based on Westport and the film “Sleepover” was also based on and in Westport…. Not a surprise the writers and the direction of both films are from Westport.

  4. Didn’t Christopher Llyod graduate from Staples?
    I love him…especially in one of my all time favorite t.v. shows – Taxi.

    • And of course don’t forget ‘That Girl’.

      • I also forgot we had Brett Somers from one of the most popular games shows of the ’70s, Match Game.

        And if Weston can qualify, then you must include Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman from my favorite show when I was 5 – Batman.

    • Yes, Christopher Lloyd was a Staples graduate. He worked with Craig Matheson to help found the Staples Players while he was still a student.

  5. It isn’t a television conncection, but I believe that The Swimmer, with Burt Lancaster, was set in Westport. It was, according to Wikipedia, filmed here in 1966.

    • Innocent Bystander

      Actually the “Swimmer” was filmed in Weston in the summer of 1967. Several of us college kids were in the community pool scene.

  6. Imogene Coca lived near Saugatuck Shores for a time. Sid Ceasar also lived in town while doing the “Show of Shows”. The Gabors lived in the Old Hill area. Some of the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit was filmed in Westport. The Stepford Wives was filmed at Waldbaums where Barnes and Noble is now. Martha Raye also lived in the Old Hill area.

    • Do you know which Gabor? Just curious.
      And I didn’t know Martha Raye lived here. I would be more interested to know if Abbott and Costello would come by and hang out with her…they’re the best!

  7. The Dude Abides

    Zsa Zsa lived here and I believe married a Westport policeman. Betty Davis lived behind my parents off Cross Highway in a small place owned by her personal secretary, a Mrs. Brown. Elizabeth Taylor, while married to Richard Todd, lived in that big white colonial across from the Hunt Club. Did anyone know that Joanne Woodward was the first to be honored with a star on the “Walk of Stars” in 1960??

    • It was Martha Raye who married a Westport policeman; not Zsa Zsa Gabor. Mike Todd was married to Elizabeth Taylor not Richard Todd. Richard Todd was the N.Y. Jets Quaterback.

  8. The Dude Abides

    Thanks. Confused Richard Burton with Todd. I believe Todd Richard, Keith’s brother, had a bungelow at the beach for a time.