Cocoa Michelle Closes

Cocoa Michelle — the downtown location, that is — is closing.  Its last day is tomorrow (Friday).

The coffee-and-chocolates shop has many fans — though not enough, apparently.

Perhaps one of the reasons for its demise is this:

A while ago, I wanted a non-Starbucks place for an early morning meeting with a friend.  He works near downtown, so Cocoa Michelle seemed like an obvious (okay, the only) choice.  We planned to meet there at 8 a.m.

It wasn’t open.

We went to Starbucks instead — and spent our walk over wondering how and why a coffee place is not open at 8.

16 responses to “Cocoa Michelle Closes

  1. I had the same experience, so I headed to Great Cakes.
    In addition, when the place first opened I read an interview with the owner describing her shop and she confessed she doesn’t eat chocolate or something along those lines. Even if it were true I’m not sure you want to admit that upon opening. It would be like the owners of Five Guys declaring they were vegetarians; that can’t be good for business!
    Still it was a nice addition to downtown and I will miss them.

  2. C’est domage! I know a woman and two boys who will now be homeless!

  3. Based on the morning crowds, it seems as if anyone on Main Street who wants “coffee-and” after 6 am everyday – and wants to avoid the Starbucks and Crumbs chain syndrome – knows to walk the few blocks up to “Coffee – An” at 343 Main Street

  4. agreed. i walked over on the downtown arts weekend to avoid starbucks and get an iced coffee. CLOSED. please oh please someone open a coffee shop in Westport that will stay open and sell locally roasted organic shade grown beans! there is a great stand once a week at the Farmers Market but that is only one day a week…

  5. But alas- fear not- Cocoa Michelle is expanding across from the Westport train station and is open well before 8 am and happy to serve all – no loud Starbuckian blenders at sounds levels above 91 dcbls. Cocoa’s expansion is a welcome addition to the Westport landscape as is her ever-present warm smile and charming ambiance. Gene Seidman

  6. Also was not open Sundays. Doh!

  7. First of all, thank you Gene for your positive words. We all need more of that and less negativity.
    Second, for the First two years of its business, the Main Street shop was open at 7am. No one came except me and my friends from TD Bank. Hard to pay a staff when people don’t show up.
    Third, Main Street has been dying a slow death for years and when the market crashed, so did Main Street.
    I have been in this Town for 43 years and long for the days of more mom and pop shops and less 5th Ave. But the reality is that the dynamics in the Town and the larger economy have changed and the Main Street of old is next to impossible to sustain. Sad indeed.
    As for the new expanding Cocoa Michelle Train Station location, I am happy to say that I have heard that begininning in September the Shop will be open 7 days a week.
    I am excited that Saugatuck is a booming area and I hope that Cocoa Michelle and all the other local merchants both in Saugauck as well as the rest of the Town thrive! Maybe Saugatuck will become the Main Street I used to know and love.
    And it would be nice if this community would stick together and work together for the common good rather than use their words in a negative and unproductive manner.

  8. Westportfan, No one was really being negative as you put, they were stating facts. And even you note how they will be opening at 7am in the future at the new location, therefore making our argument.
    Seems you’re not familiar with the concept of constructive criticism and you’re confusing it with negativity.

  9. Ghost Town Guru

    I’m with westportfan on this one. There’s constructive criticism and there’s constructive criticism and, to me, “Doh!” is not a mere statement of facts. So forget the “it’s coming from a kind place” stuff, pulleez. If people really care about small businesses in Westport (as opposed to those loss-making, flagship clothing stores in Main Street — and I’d bet that they are), put your money where your mouth is and start spending in them.

  10. Directly across from the train station and opening at 7am? That seems a little late to catch most of the commuting crowd.

  11. Folks
    Please read more carefully. I did NOT say that the train station was opened at 7am. I said it was going to be open 7 days a week!
    Constructive criticism is welcome. I have not seen any of that here. It must be nice to sit in the comfort of your own living room and criticize how other folks are trying to run a business and make a living in a Town they love.
    Further, constructive criticism can only come from an informed source. Otherwise, it is merely spew … and in this case, negative spew. Sad and sickening.
    Well said, Ghost Town Guru. Saddly, that is what Main Street Westport has become .. a ghost town.
    I would love to hear some productive discussions about how folks would like to revive our once lovely main street. That would be productive and full of the sort of positive exchange that I would expect from an educated community. I look forward to the same.

  12. I am not going to eat anywhere until the “Angery Moms” say the food passes muster.

  13. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Excellent reference of the past Jeffxs…. you made me laugh….. Actually Coco or is it Michelle….. in all seriousness…. I too am a business man and of the very smallest nature….. I personally take a do it myself stance on getting things done…. if you are truly looking for success at the train station and to be up front I do not know your hours of operation…. know the time of the first train which I’m sure you do….and be open at least 20 to 25 minutes before it arrives….. and you actually might have to do it yourself….. a friend of mine has in her office a sign that says “owning a business and natural child birth are both overrated.!!!” How true!!!

  14. Someone bought me a big box of chocolates from Cocoa Michelle for my birthday in June. Most of them are still left. I am a huge fan of chocolate, but those didn’t taste as much as I am sure they cost.

    Dan, why didn’t you go to Oscar’s for coffee?

  15. I think you might do better with a different manager. The current one is unfriendly and clearly hungover.