Conspiracy Theorists, Take Note

Westport’s 3 Republican Board of Finance members — Charlie Haberstroh, Ed Iannone and Avi Kaner — joined Republican Town Committee chairman Bob Zappi this past weekend, in Pinehurst, N.C.

No, they were not raising piles of cash from wealthy donors.

Nor did they plan a takeover of town government.

They were there to celebrate the wedding of Charlie’s son, Chuck.

The guy in the center of the photo (above) made sure no town business was transacted illegally.

21 responses to “Conspiracy Theorists, Take Note

  1. The Dude Abides

    I see that they a re all trying to emulate Payne Stewart in his winning gesture at the ’99 U.S. Open after he sunk a 15 foot putt to beat Phil Mickelson by a shot. I hope they use the same copy-cat approach in keeping the town’s budget balanced.

  2. Were any of the Democratic members of the Board of Finance invited? Attended?

  3. The Dude Abides

    Democrats don’t play golf

  4. Hey, Dude? Democrats don’t play golf? Then how do you explain the stunning number of rounds of golf played by the President? Way more than ever were played by President Bush. Democrats play golf. They just prefer to pretend that they don’t.

    I don’t play golf. Most guys with young kids don’t, regardless of political party.

    • Timmy McCadle

      To set the record straight,”W” took more vacation days than any other President. Many were spent on the golf course where he was a good golfer as was his father. ’43 did give up golf in respect for the plight of the soldiers he sent to Iraq. He then forgot his promise and played two weeks later. Obama is a beginner golfer and while a convert, he plays rarely. As with Jeremy above, he has young kids.

  5. Bobbie Herman

    It looks like they’re giving “Terrorist Fist Jabs.”

    disclaimer — I am President of the Democratic Women of Westport

  6. The Dude Abides

    Jeremy: Chill my man. Democrats certainly play golf and they don’t cheat either. But Ike and “W” could easily take Bubba and “Ears.”
    Disclaimer: I didn’t vote for any of them

  7. Timmy has his “facts” wrong. Obama has now played more rounds of golf than W. I don’t begrudge either one his time on the links, but facts are facts.

    • Innocent Bystander

      Obama has played more rounds of golf in 20 months of office than 8 years of Bushie??? I think not. George W took more vacation days than any other President. You know he was on the smacking golf balls on the ranch in Crawford.

  8. I’d be happy to chill if you’d care to leave the partisan digs elsewhere. Indeed, it was actually your resort to the partisan bag that caused me to comment at all. Although, that said, I thought your “don’t cheat” comment was pretty funny (and I hope you intended it as such).

    And, to be clear, no one is entitled to their own facts. Their own opinions, yes, of course, but not their own facts. Obama has already hit the golf course more times in his first 18 months than Bush did during his entire presidency. See:

    I guess the reason that I responded the way I did is that the Democratic party has long been the party of golf and other luxury games, Wall Street fundraising, and public money giveaways, while, at the same time, pretending that it is the party of the working man. The hypocrisy bugs me.

    • The Dude Abides

      Well both parties bug me. I must be wearing orthopedic shoes because I stand corrected. I was not aware our current President was so addicted to a game that has frustrated me for over 50 years. On such note, perhaps you should take up the game with your kiddos. It appears we need a replacement for the Tiger.

  9. The wedding of Chuck and Jacque, by the way, was beautiful.

    No president played with us as it was too hot. 🙂 But, of note was Ed’s Eagle on a par 4.

    Here’s a list from Golf Digest:

    1 John F. Kennedy Despite chronic back pain, averaged 80.
    2 Dwight D. Eisenhower Had a green outside the Oval Office.
    3 Gerald R. Ford Clumsy, but was a legitimate 80s-shooter.
    4 Franklin D. Roosevelt At 39, polio robbed him of a powerful golf swing.
    5 George H.W. Bush Once got his handicap down to 11.
    6 George W. Bush Outgoing prez is a capable 15-handicapper.
    7 Bill Clinton Can break 90, especially using his “Billigans.”
    8 Barack Obama The lefty plays more hoops than golf.
    9 Ronald Reagan Didn’t play often or well (best was low 90s).
    10 Warren G. Harding Struggled to break 95.
    11 William Howard Taft As hapless a golfer as he was a chief executive.
    12 Woodrow Wilson Played more than Ike but almost never broke 100.
    13 Richard M. Nixon He shot 79 once and quit the game.
    14 Lyndon B. Johnson Played with senators to secure votes for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    15 Calvin Coolidge When he vacated the White House, he left his clubs behind.

  10. Charlie Haberstroh

    It was an equal opportunity golf outing. There were as many democrats playing as republicans, although, like Westport, unaffiliated players out numbered either party members. In general, the unaffiliated played better because they hit ’em straight, while the same could not be said of the others, who were plagued by slices and hooks, as might be expected. And by the way the EAGLE that Ed made was great.

  11. The Dude Abides

    And I would imagine any Tea Party Movement paticipants hit the ball short continually with the blade open?????

  12. Just because they were at a social gathering doesn’t mean they’re NOT all mind reading, murderous lizard men in human skin suits! you’re all so blind! SO BLIND!