Dirty Campaign Deeds

“06880” reader Jeanne Bowles sent this photo and plea tonight:

As I drove home from Compo Beach today I was shocked to see this sign:

I cannot believe someone would destroy a sign like this.  I have also heard that many of Steve Rubin’s signs have been stolen.

Why is it that people behave so badly, and no one says stop?  It is fine to not like a candidate.  It is fine to hate political signage.  I am in favor of open dissent, but this is just an example of people behaving badly.

So I am asking all parties involved to just stop.  Support you candidate with letters, signs in your yard, but not by destroying or stealing others’ property. — Jeanne Bowles

3 responses to “Dirty Campaign Deeds

  1. A few years ago I actually watched as a local resident vandalized two Chris Shays signs I stopped my car and confronted the half wit and demanded he right the signs immediatly. His comment “It’s a free country !”
    After mentioning the possible immediate and short term consequences of expressing his freedom he did the right thing. Shame how people interpret their freedoms. Steve is a gentle and wise man, what a shame.


  2. Blair Satter

    Mr Orr talked about mom and pop stores returning to Main Street. I don’t see this happening beacause rent costs have sky rocketed and I don’t see the landlords scaling back so that mom and pop can afford a business there.

  3. Ellen Lautenberg

    Jeanne, well said! I could not agree more. Freedom of speech is about expression, not suppression.