Rod Serling Returns

The press release was as simple as Rod Serling’s manner:

This Wednesday (Aug. 4, 7:30 p.m.), Douglas Brode visits the Westport Public Library to talk about his book Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone:  The Fiftieth Anniversary Salute. Included are photos; remembrances of Serling’s wife Carol; commentary on the series’ most memorable episodes, and analysis of why they were so impactful.

Brode will also screen the 1st-ever episode of “The Twilight Zone.”

Missing from that straightforward announcement was the most important item:  In the late 1950s Rod and Carol Serling, and their 2 daughters, lived in Westport.  In fact, he lived just a few doors down from the very young me, on High Point Road.

During television’s Golden Age — and Westport’s apex as a writer’s colony — one of the most important and influential TV writers ever was our neighbor.

Yet the library never mentions that fact.  Could Rod Serling’s Westport connection be lost in another dimension of sound, sight and mind — the twilight zone?

2 responses to “Rod Serling Returns

  1. Back in the 60’s my Dad turned me on to the zone and his favorite was a story about the pressures on a Westport Commuter tittled “A Stop at Willoughby” I have heard this was Rod’s favorite episode also.

    Years later I view it on the internet and see my Dad and many other Wetport commuters painted into the story.

  2. Love this article Dan!