The Cavalry Arrives

About 3 dozen construction vehicles — electrical, tree work, what have you — rolled into the Staples parking lot this morning.

They convoyed from Massachusetts, then gathered in the impromptu staging area.  They got their marching working orders, and within a few minutes — after coffee and a bathroom break — fanned out around to town to help clean up after Wednesday’s non-tornado.

5 responses to “The Cavalry Arrives

  1. regarding storm and flag i’d like to send in check for (1) flag and (1) pole (and since i like to do things anonymously i’m asking on this site/westportnow requires names), if you find out would you please post that information?
    thank you!

  2. i’m referring to ruth steinkrauss bridge flags (on that note, how was it determined to name that bridge after that person, i.e., did she personally fund building of the bridge or was it via another’s efforts?)

    • I believe (not positive) the bridge was named after her because she headed up Westport’s UN organization for so many years — and it was through her efforts that all the UN countries’ flags flew there.

  3. Yes Dan, you are right.

  4. great, thanks for the information about ruth steinkrauss. (so now with that information even more so), if the town starts soliciting $ for flag and pole replacement, i hope you post the details here.