They’re Workin’ On It

As they did in March, Westporters are complaining about the slow pace of power restoration.  It was hard to find crews this morning — and, according to Westport Patch, there was frustration in the selectman’s office, and police, fire and public works departments regarding CL&P’s coordination and cooperation with town officials.

Early this evening, I was pleased to see 2 crews — particularly because they were working near my condo.

If you don’t recognize the “National Grid” truck (above), that’s because they came from Massachusetts to help.

This CL&P crew (yellow truck above) toiled nearby, behind the Getty station near Playhouse Square.  My power came back on a few minutes later.

Thanks, guys — and I hope we don’t have to call on you for at least a few more months.

One response to “They’re Workin’ On It

  1. truly staggering how the town is letting developers knock down any historic building/structure. from 1820? this can not be true.