Summer Sunday Scenes

A cool sculpture at the hot Westport Fine Arts Festival? Nah -- a real-life human. I wanted to ask if he was as cool or hot, but he wasn't talking.

This young musician provided great entertainment at this weekend's Downtown Fine Arts Festival. Plus, he had the best spot at the entire show.

A couple of eye-catching works, exhibited right next to each other, at this weekend's Fine Arts Festival.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but downtown Westport today also featured half a dozen stores with their doors wide open, blasting air conditioning onto the sidewalk. Besides Banana Republic (above), the energy wasters included Janie & Jack, Douglas, BCBG, Blue Mercury and Lululemon.

I didn't get to the Westport Public Library book sale. Then again, I didn't have to. The library was giving books away -- free! -- on the boardwalk outside Joey's, at Compo Beach.

11 responses to “Summer Sunday Scenes

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Interesting Dan I questioned people at “Banana Republic” and they shrugged and said it’s the manager…. And I spoke to a person at Lululemon and they said they do not keep the doors open and have the AC on, so I was basically lied too… So much for Lululemon being a true leader of bettering the world we live in and just being wasteful contributors…can’t believe what you read about their corporate mantra

  2. You and Dan just need to learn how to live with the ability of others to make their own choices.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Jeff I kind it wasteful…and interesting that NYC fines stores $200 per incident when they are found with doors open…. But what bothers me more is a store representative lie to my face that they only keep the doors open with the AC off…when that is not true….also their view on the world is “green” and door open is not at all following their own talk.

  3. The Dude Abides

    Thank God, life is back in order. Mr. Stein debating with Mr. Jeffxs. No more wackos from Alabama, Alaska or Arizona. Life is good here in 06880-nirvana!

  4. Maggie Mudd

    Dan, you missed amazing bargains at the library book sale! I bought several pristine first editions of favorite books (ea. $3), an out of print book by Alistair MacLean (a dashing Scotsman whose personal history I admire), great classic jazz CDs to alleviate droop as I chauffeur kids around town, etc. etc. I also really enjoyed a couple of valuable conversations with fellow searchers about other good stuff to read. But you are not too late-sale is on through tomorrow.

  5. Jo Ann Davidson

    Folks, Let’s find another name for Baron’s South. The Baron did not help or cooperate with the Town those many years ago. Jackie Heneage had to negotiate with his heirs. Winslow Park got its name when the Westport News held a contest. Dan and 06880, how about it? My entry is “Golden Shadows Park”. That’s the name of the Baron’s mansion.
    Jo Ann Davidson

  6. How about “The Public Trough”?