Who says environmentalists don’t have senses of humor?

The “WTF” in the shirts modeled above (by Sanders McNair, Petey Menz and Catherine Coughlin) supposedly refers to “Wakeman Town Farm.”  On the back is a reminder of the October 2 Harvest Fest, which — like the shirts — is sponsored by Green Village Initiative.

But plenty of young people will laugh when they see the shirts.

“WTF” is a double entendre.  If you don’t know what it stands for — ask a kid.

(“WTF” T-shirts, tank tops and caps are available for $10 each, at the Town Farm on Cross Highway, the Farmers’ Market and on Main Street this summer.  Proceeds benefit GVI and the Harvest Fest.  For more information contact Lisa Marriott:

6 responses to “WTF?!

  1. Gary Singer

    OMG. I hope the WTF stuff earns these kids a bundle. LOL!!!

  2. I’m sure their school principals will order them to turn their t-shirt inside out.

  3. Wendy Crowther

    Brilliant idea – gonna get me one. GVI rocks – a great cause!

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  5. Those shirts will clearly be a sell out- Westport again reigns as the marketing genius capital. Very clever youth!

  6. This t shirt is very clever!