Breaking “News”

As anyone who has passed a yard sign knows, Huey Lewis & the News will rock the Levitt Pavilion tomorrow night.

What an inspired choice for the annual benefit.  As the Levitt’s website notes, they’re a band with a great “driving, party-hearty spirit.”

If you lived through the 1980s and ’90s, you’ll want to relive songs like “The Power of Love.”   If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to bring them, so they can hear that the heart of rock ‘n’ roll is still beatin’.

Except the Levitt doesn’t want you to bring your kids.

It’s right there in the Q-and-A on the Levitt’s website:

Does my child need a ticket?

Yes, children of all ages will need a ticket to our Summer Gala concert and should be able sit quietly through the concert. Due to the late starting time of this special event, our Wednesday night Children’s Series would be a better choice for a young child.

Exactly!  The last thing we want is a child who can’t sit quietly at a rock concert!

This bad mother (center) took her children to a concert recently.

11 responses to “Breaking “News”

  1. I saw Huey Lewis & The News with Chicago a while back. That’s a lot of brass! A great show, and Huey evoked a great Terry Kath for “Colour My World”.

    I think the Levitt’s suggestions regarding kids for this show is on target. It gives parents the info they need to decide whether to bring their children. As noted in many places, this is not an “open seating with blankets” event. Nor is it free.

  2. The Dude Abides

    Holy smokin! Hot blast of age discrimination. Probably don’t want the kiddos seein’ what jerks we adults can be? Boogin’ down to Huey Newton and all. Whoo0ps, wrong decade. It is either the heat or the dope? The Dude ain’t happy. Sounds like a little control freakness to me.

  3. Being a vetran of concerts from Floyd, to Chicago, Kiss, and YES… Huey I can not remember once being bothered or even hearing a kid once at any concert…. Me thinks the rules police been at to too many Mike Bolton and Hall and Oats gigs…….. Ya Mon

  4. Ida Mai Millstein

    What child would want to see HueyLewis, whoever he is.

  5. Jim Lapley

    Dewey got his own movie, The Dewey Cox story. I am worried about Louie.

  6. Kim Crowther Manning

    All children (the louder the better!) welcome at the Voodoo Carnival concert at the Levitt on Saturday night!! Sitting quietly is strictly forbidden! (shameless self promotion… sorry!).

  7. The Dude Abides

    Voodoo Carnival? Sounds definitely cool. Can we trade Huey for Vooie? And bring grandma?
    My rugrats are scared of their own shadow

  8. Oh yes, Voodoo Carnival is excellent. And very local. And fun.

  9. Kim Crowther Manning

    Thanks, Laz!

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