Room To Write

Westport is crawling with writers.

Some write at home.   Others use the library or Starbucks.

Soon, they’ll have an actual writers’ room.  Or, to be grammatically correct:  The Writers’ Room.

Tish Fried and Patrick McCord relax in the Writers' Room.

That’s the name of the brainchild of Tish Fried and Patrick McCord.  Writers themselves — and editors and teachers — they’ve been giving under-the-radar workshops for adults and kids (most recently in Black Rock).

But they always coveted Westport.  Finally they’ve found a spot:  a cozy red clapboard building in Colonial Green.

With wooden beams, walls freshly painted in soothing yellow and green, and plenty of light, it’s the perfect spot for writing.

Add wooden tables, comfy lounge chairs, an espresso machine, wi-fi and trade magazines, and writers may never want to leave.

An added attraction:  Cell phones are prohibited.

A pre-launch party is set for this Friday (June 18, 7 p.m.).  Writers will be welcome gratis for a couple of months; beginning in September, Tish and Patrick will charge a small fee.  (Hey, they’re writers, not billionaires.)

Tish and Patrick envision The Writers’ Room as a place for book signings, poetry readings, story-telling, meetings with agents and editors, parties and other special events.

They’ll offer small-group workshops upstairs — everything from screenwriting and poetry to college essays.

It’s a welcome addition to Westport.  And — if writers ever get tired of writing — the Colonial Green location is perfect.

They can walk to the library or Starbucks.

(For more information, click on; email, or call 203-557-4614.)

8 responses to “Room To Write

  1. After fifteen years of pounding the keyboard, I have found the profession to be one of lonely desperation. I resist all attempts to make it a solidarity movement including writing in groups or reading in groups. Certainly, the late great Salinger would agree (although far more social than the perception) as would Roth and Updike.
    Consequently, I will resist all attempts to foster the union of a fraternity of writers in a small setting where somewhere is trying to make money. The success of writing comes from the interaction of unique characters and not from hanging around with your mirror image.

  2. I have been pounding the keyboard for over fifteen years and have found that the profession requires a lonely desperation. I would think that Salinger,Roth and Updike would agree. The beauty and success of writing comes from the interaction with unique and unusual characters in society and not with your mirror image. Thus, I will avoid a setting that writers are trying to make money off writers.

  3. “Great minds think alike.”

  4. Jonathan Doyle

    I wonder if Stieg Larrson needed a writing group room???

  5. Igor and Anonymous (if you are discrete characters), I totally agree. Some people like commiserating though?

  6. I think it’s a fantastic idea and wish you great success.

  7. patricefitz

    This will be a cool place for both concentrating on writing and schmoozing when you’ve had just enough “lonely desperation.”

    You never know when someone else’s company will spark your own efforts.

    See you there! (Especially during the free opening months…)

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