The Baldwin Family Returns

It started with a Google alert.

A grandson of Herbert Baldwin is notified every time his grandfather’s name appears in cyberspace.  In February, he learned of an “06880” post about Westport’s upcoming celebration of the 50th anniversary of the purchase of Longshore.

Baldwin — who in 1960 was serving the 2nd of  his 5 terms as 1st selectman — was instrumental in getting the RTM and Board of Finance to approve $1.9 million to buy financially ailing Longshore Country Club, before it could be sold to a residential home developer.

This afternoon Westport celebrated that historic event with a gathering at — of course — Longshore, following the Westport Rotary‘s annual golf and tennis outing.

Wendy Baldwin holds Herb Baldwin's license plate. It is from 1956 -- the year she was born.

Wendy Baldwin — Herb’s granddaughter — was there.  She smiled brightly as she recalled her grandfather.  She enjoyed the day immensely — but that’s not the only reason she and other family members traveled here from across the country.

Her father — Herb Baldwin Jr. — died last year, at 88.  For several months the family tried to figure out the best time to gather in Westport, so he could be buried here.

This was the perfect opportunity.  Tomorrow, Herb Jr. joins his father and mother in the Saugatuck Congregational Church cemetery.

Wendy and her brother Pete were delighted to have the chance to return to Westport, see Longshore — and reunite with people who helped their grandfather move so swiftly 50 years ago.

Pete Baldwin, proudly wearing his grandfather's cap.

Former Baldwin kitchen cabinet members John Boyd and Allen Raymond were both at today’s event.

“It was great to see them,” Pete said.

“And it’s nice to see my grandfather is still remembered in Westport.”

Right back at you, Pete and Wendy.  It’s nice you had the chance to make it back “home.”

With a tip o’ the hat to Google Alerts.

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