The Power Of Huey Lewis

It’s one thing to book an Abba tribute band at the Levitt Pavilion.

Huey Lewis and the News

But Huey Lewis and the News — now you’re talkin’.

The veteran blues-rock band — most famously known for “The Power of Love,” a #1 hit from “Back to the Future” — has been booked for the Levitt on Thursday, July 8 (9 p.m.).

For one night at least, the heart of rock and roll is still beating.

In Westport.

(Tickets are $95 and $70.  Click on, or call 203-226-7600, to order.)

6 responses to “The Power Of Huey Lewis

  1. Stephen Rubin

    This promises to be a fun concert.

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan I can count five times I have seen Huey Lewis and The News and each time was a huge amount of fun… But there is a bigger Westport connection here. Two former Staple students were in NYC back in 84 or 85 and were picked out of the blue to be in the “Heart of Rock n Roll” video. When the video starts up they are one of the first of the punkers who are seen in the video.

    • Very cool. Do they have names?

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        If my mind serves me correctly one was a Romano of the Romano clan and I think the other name was Talatha the Mohawked young lady who came to Staples via England

  3. Julie Uman Whamond

    That would be Talatha/ Tabitha? Davies, Cartoonist Matt Davies sister