Happy Memorial Day 2010!

Eating and parade-watching at the Carpenters' on Myrtle Avenue.

Everyone takes part in Westport's Memorial Day parade: veterans, marching bands, civic organizations, young athletes, church groups -- and the town's septic education task force.

America's Memorial Day meets the global economy.

At the Memorial Day ceremony (from left): First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, and grand marshals George Marks Jr. and Sr. (though it's hard to tell which is which).

Staples bugler Cameron Bruce plays "Taps" at the Memorial Day service.

3 responses to “Happy Memorial Day 2010!

  1. 1953 Westporter

    Used to be more marched in the parade than watched it. Seriously. Every kid in town was in the parade. Glad to see the tradition continues on and thanks from us lazy folks who didn’t make it down this year for your pictures. Best to the best on this Memorial Day!

  2. Innocent Bystander

    Nice to see the trade deficit with China is being adhered to with them making our flags. Considering on how much money we owe them, it is very nice of them to provide flags for our celebrations. Let me see, July 4th is next. Got that covered with more flags. Labor day? Well they have all our jobs too. I guess we have to wait to Thanksgiving for homegrown turkeys. Or are they importing them now too?

  3. I am grateful to those who put together this wonderful event and participated in the festivities. What a beautiful day it was, and such a pleasure to see so many talented young musicians and people of all ages dedicated to important causes and meaningful tributes in our community. Thank you, everyone.