Moving The Baldwin Boulder

As most of Westport knows by now, Herb Baldwin was a major force in the town’s 1960 purchase of Longshore.  In just 18 days, Baldwin — the first selectman — persuaded the Board of Finance and RTM to pay $1.9 million for the 169-acre property.

If you don’t know that history, you must be hiding under a rock.

Herb Baldwin

Perhaps it’s the rock — boulder, actually — tucked under the fir trees separating Longshore’s 1st tee and 18th green.  The boulder — and a plaque commemorating the event — were installed 25 or so years ago.  Over time, the boulder has nearly vanished from sight.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 a.m., Baldwin’s boulder will be moved to a more prominent spot.  The new location — just 25 feet away, at the corner of the roadway next to the 1st tee — is actually the intersection of Julian Brodie and (ta da!) Herb Baldwin Drives.

Baldwin is long gone, but Allen Raymond — a member of his kitchen cabinet, and another important figure in the purchase of Longshore — hopes to be on hand.

Rotary Club members will be there too.  That’s also appropriate:  Baldwin will be honored at the Rotary’s June 9 golf and tennis outing, and at an invitation-only “Friends of Longshore” celebration later that day.  Members of the Baldwin family expect to attend.

Just think — in only 18 days, perhaps the biggest land acquisition in Westport history went from idea to completion.

Let’s  hope the front-end loader has as easy a time hefting the Baldwin boulder.

3 responses to “Moving The Baldwin Boulder

  1. Carl A. Swanson

    Nice piece. Herb Baldwin was a dear friend of my father and very much a visionary for this town in many aspects, including Longshore. He also was a helleva nice guy. Could use a few more like him with aforesight in today’s world.

  2. I wonder: What does 2 million dollars in 1960 equate to now? 250 or 300 million bucks?
    Would Westport buy Longshore today ????

  3. Innocent Bystander

    I bet the property would go to the biggest developer in town to build mansions. Thanks Herb Baldwin for a heritage that will never be forgotten.