3rd Time’s The Charm

Over the past couple of weeks, “06880” has spotted — and blogged about — 2 itty-bitty Westport cars.

This one’s a tad bigger than teeny-tiny — but it’s unique nonetheless.

I’d call it a golf car — except for the license plate.

People don’t normally park golf carts in front of Joe’s Pizza.

We don’t know what’s going on around town, but it makes for interesting photos.

3 responses to “3rd Time’s The Charm

  1. Dan –

    There’s a little yellow car at the Classic Car Gallery on the Post Road – – you should check it out!


  2. Bobbie Herman

    These are apparently “Antique” cars, which means they were made before 1985. After they were made, cars got bigger and bigger, until you got monstrosities such as the Hummer. I’ll bet they got great gas mileage, though.

  3. Grunty Lee

    I think this is a kit car that is built on a mini chasis. I may be wrong, but I remember seeing these in the UK.