David Pogue’s Pool

David Pogue doesn’t need the world as his stage.

He’s got Westport.

A fairly standard stand-up shot.

The nationally renowned tech guru has used previous local sites like the library and Saugatuck River for his CNBC and New York Times videos.

Yesterday was the Y’s turn.

To demonstrate 2 new underwater (and drop-proof, kick-proof and hurl-through-a-slide-proof) cameras, the Westporter, his son Kelly, a cameraman and producer used the YMCA pool.

They put the cameras to the test, in takes that got progressively sillier — and tougher.  The cameras lived to tell the tale — as did David, who took one for the team when he got dunked by Kelly.  (He got revenge in the final shot.)

You can put the cameras in your mouth, if you want to.

Despite Pogue’s familiarity with — and about — Westport, he was surprised at the ease with which he and his crew could use the Y.

“I expected a lot of bureaucracy,” he said.  Instead they got quick approval, sauntered in, and began shooting.

Hey — they don’t call it a community resource for nothing.

(Click here to see the video on the New York Times site.)

David Pogue and his cameraman plan to send the cameras through a slide.

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