Soccer Helps The Homeless

Green’s Farms Academy junior Andy Mondino is passionate about soccer.  He’s also an avid member of his school’s community service organization.  And he is an intelligent, energetic young man who likes making connections to get things done.

Andy Mondino

Last spring he organized a 3-v-3 soccer tournament that raised $1,500 for Darfur refugees.  This year he’s expanded the size of the event — it’s 5-against-5 — and narrowed the beneficiary to the US.

The 2nd annual tourney is set for this Sunday (April 18), from noon to 3 p.m. at GFA.  All funds go to Street Soccer USA, a national organization that uses sports to help end homelessness.

Teams pay $20 to enter.  Soccer players of any (and every) age are welcome to form their own squads; it’s a wide-open, fun (and competitive) event.  Pre-registration is strongly recommended; email

“My friend Joseph Filgueiras and I hope to raise money and awareness, inspiring others to help the homeless,” Andy says.  “I figure that with a little work and pursuing our passion, we can all make this a better world.”

Andy already has.

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