The Hawk

Westporter Ned Hardy took these photos of a handsome hawk in the Green’s Farms Congregational Church cemetery.  Look closely at the shot above — he’s clutching a squirrel in his talons.

In the photo below, he’s flaunting his prey in the branches of an enormous tree.

Sssshhh…don’t tell PETA.

3 responses to “The Hawk

  1. kathleen Brannnigan Fazio

    this is probablly the same hawk who has been terrorizing my little yorkie on Chapel Hill…weighs about the same as that squirrel

  2. Nevermore, nevermore. Oh, wait. That’s The Raven, not The Hawk. 🙂

    Great picture!

  3. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    Really great pictures Ned. What a fierce looking bird.
    We have a red tailed hawk in the C&HT cemetary vicinity, have you seen it?