Join The Club

Soho or Montmartre we ain’t.

But the Community Arts Center — the less-than-inspired name for the idealistic non-profit located upstairs at 42 Main Street — is trying hard to nurture Westport’s creative scene.

The CAC has just launched 5 new clubs.

Artist Cooperative Club is for artists wishing to show their work to other members.

Workings Artists Club is for artists and photographers hoping to expand their knowledge and skils.  The club will arrange workshops, programs and classes to share ideas.

Art Appreciation is a club for anyone who wants to learn about art, enjoy it, and discover venues in the area.

Performance Art Club is both inspirational and instructional, allowing members to “improve and hone your artistic skills, your stage presence, and your performance impact.”

Comedy Club invites stand-up comics (and wannabes) and writers to meet, entertain and learn from each other.

Pretty bare-bones info, I know.  So is the web site (there’s not a single date listed on the Calendar).

But all art starts as a blank canvas.  Westporters:  Start making your marks.

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