Hear The Health Care Bill

A 2,000 page health care bill.  Workouts at the Y, or long train commutes.  Westport’s actors and voiceover professionals.

What possible connection is there between the 3?


A volunteer effort — involving Americans of different political backgrounds, philosophies and geographic areas — its aim is to record the entire healthcare bill.  Downloads are available from the HearTheBill website, so that busy citizens can listen to it at their leisure (or at least on their iPods, while working out or on the train).

None of which would have the local angle needed for an “06880” post, except for this:  Our town is swarming with men and women who act and do voiceovers for a living. 

Some have plenty of work, and can afford to do this to help a good cause.

Others are out of work.  They might consider this to keep their talents fresh, and/or burnish their resumes.

Whatever your reason:  If you’re interested in reading (some of) the healthcare bill aloud, click here.

One response to “Hear The Health Care Bill

  1. Dan, your social commentary–even though local–has a delightfully truthful edge to it. Maureen Down is in serious trouble. –K.D.