America Helps Westport

As Westport suffered in the aftermath of last week’s storm, the rest of the country rallied to help.

You may not have seen this appeal circulating on the internet — how could you, with your power out and your smartphone uncharged? — but it just goes to show how generous Americans can be, in time of need.  Is this a great country or what?

We need your help!

New Orleans , Haiti and Chile have had their tragedies.  And America was there to help.  Now the scene shifts further north.  And again, you are needed.

The counties of Fairfield and Westchester, in the northern New York City suburbs, were battered by a mighty “Nor’Easter” on Saturday.  And life has not returned to normal.

Most of both counties were without power or heat for most of the weekend, and many remain in the dark and cold.  The hardships have been profound.

With only laptops, coffee, books and food to sustain them, families huddled together for comfort in the Westport Public Library.

To combat the sub-50 degree temperatures, many residents were forced to keep their North Face down parkas on all day (along with their cashmere socks and sweaters).  Stocks of split, dried Vermont firewood and Ralph Lauren Home candles have grown dangerously low.

Unable to get internet access or charge their iPhones and Blackberrys, devastated citizens drove for up to 5 miles to find the nearest Starbucks or Barnes & Noble, and then had to fight unruly crowds, as bored middle-aged suburbanites jostled with one another for a seat near an outlet.

In Greenwich, the storm struck to the heart and soul of the community as the roof was ripped off the most revered building in the town, and the center of its spiritual life:  Whole Foods.

Because crews could not remove all the hundreds of fallen trees immediately, many roads are literally impassible, forcing residents to drive their Range Rovers and Lexuses hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet out of their way around winding detours.

Unable to cook even the simplest spinach omelet at home, residents crowded into upscale bistros eager to order a simple swordfish, with just lemon, and a modest Pino Grigio, before supplies were exhausted.

We need your help.  No donation is too small, but what is needed most urgently are fully charged iPods, UGGs, hunter rain boots in all colors, and steaming hot grande mocha frappacinos.

7 responses to “America Helps Westport

  1. The Dude Abides

    Funny but oh so true. Amazingly on our small street of twelve (12) houses, neighbors were actually seen outside talking to each other. Of course many were discussing who the first person they were going to sue but nevertheless, a gregarious block party!

  2. You said it all and well, Dan. Beautiful piece. Good satire holds a mirror up for us to see ourselves. I hope a lot of the entitled had their mirrors handy this morning… As for me, I keep a chain saw in my car all the time.

  3. Shall we send bottles of wine as relief?

  4. Wendy Crowther

    Great article, Dan. Except you forgot to mention a few other challenges faced by many locals. We can’t forget the hardships faced by those whose generators ran out of gas before their streets were cleared enough to strike out for refueling stations. And how about the misfortunes suffered by those who had to drag out their mops and pails when sump pumps were rendered powerless by the storm and the aquifers, over which their sprawling homes were built, rose high enough to seep through the floors of their basement fitness centers, media rooms, and wine cellars.

    Yet, many found some silver lining. Parents and kids got reacquainted with one another. So did neighbors. Others are now figuring out creative ways to parlay their property damages into new house additions and landscape designs.

    Per Robert Collier, “In every adversity there lies the seed of an equivalent advantage.”

    Residents of southwestern Fairfield County sure know a few things about that.

  5. TwoFrugalFairfielders

    This is going viral around the internet! Love it! We posted it on our blog:

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  7. Great article! Very funny- and I live in Westport! Good to remember how easy we all have it in relation to all the really difficult situations there are in the world!