Car Junk

“06880” reader Rich Groblewski wants to drive this point home:

I’m not sure which is worse:  spam that clogs up my email box, or the loads of junk mail I get at home. 

Now there’s another culprit:  flyers left under the wiper while my car is parked at the train station.

With spring quickly approaching, flyers for garage sales, car detailing and landscapers will soon be placed under wiper blades in parking lots all over town. 

Yesterday, after getting off the train from Grand Central, I found a flyer prominently displayed under my wiper.  It was carefully placed there by what claimed to be an “eco-friendly” property care company. 

I assume it was meant for me, because my car does not have a lawn.  Because I live in a condo I don’t have a lawn either, but maybe the lawn guy thinks I know someone who does.  

Surveying the parking lot, I noticed more of these flyers were on the ground than on cars.  I guess those cars don’t have lawns either. 

Or maybe they just don’t like companies that pretend to be eco-friendly, while wasting resources the old-fashioned way.

10 responses to “Car Junk

  1. It was a typo. It meant to say “Ego-Friendly Property Care Company”.

  2. The Innocent Bystander

    Perhaps they mistook your car for a “Cash for Clunker” candidate for the revived Obama program??? I have no problem with flyers.
    Since I don’t believe they recyle anything anyhow (it is all a scam to keep our attention off the air/water), it is cheapest form of free advertising.

  3. Edward Bloch

    Isn’t there another culprit here — the car owner who throws the flyer on the ground rather than taking it and disposing it in a trash container?

  4. If Ego-Friendly Property Care Co. wanted to be Ego-Friendly for a couple of bucks more could of gorn first class and had a full page ad in the local paper.

  5. The Dude Abides

    Advertise in a newspaper? Surely you jest. First class? Welcome to the 21st century of computer generated advertising.

  6. Why does some one always look for fault in some ones answer. Every one seems to be missing the point if ego-friendly property care co. did not place the flyers under the wipers there would be no papers all over the parking lot. We are talking about one parking lot and I am sure they placed flyers under wipers all over town.

  7. Edward Bloch

    You’re right Outsider but until distributing flyers becomes illegal, recipients (and distributors) have an obligation to trash them properly. I’m addressing Rich Groblewski’s next to last paragraph which states that “more of these flyers were on the ground than on cars.”

  8. The Dude Abides

    To the point of why we bloggers find fault with statements is that we are all brought to fear by our government and media. Thus, we turn to trivia matters like flyers and their disposal instead of the important issues like why we are still in Iraq? Why most of Wall Streeters aren’t in jail? Why health care, despite recent legistlation, is close to 17% our GDP.
    You asked. This topic, vice Westport’s lack of interest in the military and/or tree issues in the town, brought more attention. Come on folks!
    Start asking WHY?

  9. by George Ed you are right, it should be illegal to distribute fliers with out the town police being informed . This way the day after the fliers are on put on cars of people that do not want some one placing fliers on them, that distributor can return the next day and pick up the fliers that have been discarded. Let us look at the person that receives the fliers, that gets up at 5am to catch a train at 6am into Wall Street and returns at 10pm and finds a piece of paper under the wiper can look around for a container, no ever better have the town place a container at the end of every row so it would make it easier to discard that flier.