Shovel Brigade

Parks and Rec and Public Works’ heavy equipment can move much of the debris that now covers all the wrong areas of Compo Beach.

But big machines can’t get into the pavilion or showers, where Saturday’s storm deposited tons of sand.

This morning, Parks and Rec director Stuart McCarthy put out a call for high school helpers.

Over 3 dozen responded.  Some were Staples football players.  Others came from the boys soccer team, and the SLOBS (Service League of Boys) club.

The sand was heavy, the day long — but the mood was upbeat.

What did they get out of it?  Free food and drink from Joey’s and the Gridiron Club — and the grateful thanks of an entire town.

Football player Michael Johnson (foreground) and fellow Stapleites help remove sand covering the Compo Beach pavilion.

One response to “Shovel Brigade

  1. Proud Westporter

    This was such a lift this morning to see what 30 Staples students did yesterday! Thanks for always highlighting the good that goes on in this town, Dan.