School’s Out — Students Respond!

School is canceled tomorrow — the 3rd day in a row — as too many roads remained littered with trees, wires, crushed cars and whatnot to make travel safe.

Staples High School. Once upon a time, students went here.

So, Westport students, “06880” wants to know:  Are you still happy — or bored?  Do you miss your friends — or teachers?  Are you worried about going to school until the end of June?  Are you concerned that, with the upcoming Good Friday holiday and then April break in 4 weeks (!), you’ll forget all kinds of important stuff and never get into college and basically be a failure in life?

Or not?

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7 responses to “School’s Out — Students Respond!

  1. Alice Hickson

    I am delighted!! Sometimes I get a little bit bored, but mostly I am occupied. I miss my friends and teacher, but thats okay. I hope school doesn’t come back all week!!

  2. Tyler Rackliffe

    Incredibly bored…Incredibly out of work

  3. I’m loving it! ’tis true I’m a bit bored at times, but housing friends without power, and not having to worry about any of the work is great fun. This of course is do-able for myself and fellow Sen10rs in college, not destined to “basically be a failure in life”. Bring on the Dark Ages!

  4. Schools out forever…. Couldn’t be better timing.. my statistics test has been pushed back 3 days

  5. My kids are loving it (3rd grade and kindergarten). Of course they have no idea they’ll have to stay in school longer come June.
    But for now they’re just enjoying climbing on the big tree that fell in the back yard.

  6. Jim Honeycutt

    I don’t remember anything like this since Hurricane Gloria. I stopped by Staples on Tuesday to pick up some school work and found the power out and some generator lights keeping the halls barely passable. It was pretty strange. Players is supposed open Little Shop on Friday. For me, vacation is planning a trip and getting away. So I am not a huge of this event. For me this is a setback at all levels.

  7. Odette Prolétariat

    I’m glad for the break, naturally, but I kind of miss that familiar rush, to be honest, and I really enjoy a few of my classes.

    I’m going on an internship after the AP exams, which have remained steadfast in their looming, so the late-late-June quality does not affect me, but the time I have in the classes I do like is slowly disappearing.