Seen Around Town

Easter is nearly a month away, and Saturday is supposed to be gruesome.

But last weekend’s balmy weather brought spring-like sights like this:

Westporter Robin Tauck snapped this shot and sent it to “06880.”  She added a caption:  “Peter R. Rabbit heads to Starbucks and Compo Beach.”

Hmmm…she knows where he’s going.

She calls him “Peter R. Rabbit.”

Her husband’s name is Pete Romano.

Could Peter R. Rabbit and Pete Romano be the same person?i

Nah.  That would be a real Easter miracle.

5 responses to “Seen Around Town

  1. John McCarthy

    No cell phone?

  2. Stephen Rubin

    What’s next?…maybe Frosty or Santa? Go P!

  3. The good thing here is that no reports have surfaced indicating that Mr. Rabbit was seen texting while driving.
    While he seems to have figured out how to hide eggs without opposable thumbs, those darn little keys remain a challenge.

  4. Um… that looks like a hair bow to me and those pink sunglasses… ? I’m thinking Peter’s sister maybe, whatever her name is. Flopsy?

  5. Michael Glavin

    What a great shot! The glasses really make the outfit. I like Peter R. Rabbit’s taste in cars as well.