texting & sexting

interesting meeting last nite @ Toquet:  texting and sexting.  scary stuff.

  • kids text all nite, even b/t midnite & 5 am
  • some kids don’t sleep b/c they worry what other kids are texting about them
  • kids think sexting is ok b/c rappers do it
  • not like old days when parents answered phone & knew who was calling their kids
  • >50% of teens forward texts & sexts  — including entire contact lists
  • 68% of kids say things in texts they wouldn’t say in person
  • sexts spread thru school like wildfire
  • sending sexts can be child porn — even if u send it urself
  • keeping sexts can be child porn — even if its ur gf or bf
  • 20% of teenagers sext

i learned alot. 2 bad werent more ppl there.

2 responses to “texting & sexting

  1. A Perfect World

    One question: Where are the parents? I practiced law for twenty-five years and never had a phone call that couldn’t wait until I got back to the office/home. Come on America, we are being sold technology, we don’t even need. They cause auto accidents like crazy and as Professor Dan’s list indicates, they ain’t doing this new generation any good. Throw the damn things in the trash and talk to your kid, like, you know, face to face!

  2. It was wonderful that you came. Although we had a small turnout, I think that the information presented will disseminate throughout the community. I know that I’ve already heard from parents who were disappointed that they couldn’t make it; I’ve run copies of my handouts for them (and am more than willing to do so for other parents). Hopefully this panel will start a conversation throughout the community.