Spin Cycle

(Photo by Maureen Cummings)

In just over a decade, SpinOdyssey has become one of this area’s largest and most popular fund raisers. 

Last year’s event raised $250,000 for breast cancer research.

This year’s total:  $381,000.

That’s great news for the American Cancer Society — and for everyone seeking signs that the Great Recession is ending.

One response to “Spin Cycle

  1. The Dude Abides

    Not sure a sign of recession recovery but “Parade” magazine notes that their
    is a new “concerned compassion” that is
    taking storm in this country. It is great to
    see. Spin to win! On a sidenote, I once asked
    an oncologist when they were going to beat this
    bloody disease. Her response: “We need money.” I replied: “What about all these charities?” Her answer: “We need money in research to attract those outstanding medical student graduates to go into cancer research instead of doing boob jobs in Hollywood.”