North Avenue Nightmare

No, it’s not Bigfoot.  It’s just a few of the dozens of craters, cracks, ruts, holes and other chassis-jarring surprises lurking up and down North Avenue.

Well, hey, it’s winter — what do you expect?

Well, hey — no.  Adjacent roads — Long Lots and Cross Highway, for example — are in much better shape.

Maybe it’s an older surface?

Nice try.  North Avenue was resurfaced in, um, the summer of 2009.

So do roads come with warranties, like cars and microwaves?

Now you’re talkin’.

9 responses to “North Avenue Nightmare

  1. I wrote you about the poor quality of the Roseville repavement last summer. Take a look at it. Roseville looks like it wasn’t repaved in the last few months. Methink Westport is getting less than what it is paying for.

  2. Actually, the paving job on North Avenue was horrific to begin with. My husband and I drove down it today and he mentioned that it was in better shape before they re-paved it last year. I don’t know who the company was who performed the work, but the town deserves a refund!

  3. The Dude Abides

    Nasty job. I will bet it is a very limited warranty however. Wear and tear and all that good legalize stuff. There was originally a complaint that they weren’t a local company and for you tree huggers, they burned half the trees on the avenue. Maybe next time, they will put in a few speed bumps to slow down the maniac drivers.

  4. It’s called…


  5. Elisabeth Keane

    The cheapest is not necessarily the least expensive.

  6. You know, maybe those potholes are the ghost of the famous set of footprints painted on North Ave. one night in the late ’60s by a group of anonymous pranksters. They lasted for years and gave the street all sorts of character!

  7. Carl A. Swanson

    Indeed, the footprints were painted there in the summer of ’67 as well as those near the Minuteman on South Compo road. Most of
    those culprits are now retired or disabled but
    they might entertain a new line of work in resurfacing.

    • So someone else was responsible for the large target painted on Bayberry Lane, just north of the Nike Site and Merritt Parkway bridge, where southbound cars once flew over the formerly poorly engineered hill (hence the bulls-eye, to land on)?